Come back again!

There are feedbacks of our guests.

  • Natalya i Biysk, SP Glushenkova

    I would like to thank the staff of the hotel. Excellent service, polite staff, clean rooms. Thank you for the high standards in service.
  • Dmitriy i Krasnoyarsk

    The hotel is not bad, everything is beautiful inside, the rooms are good. There is no online booking, it is necessary to call.
  • Maksim i Yakutsk

    I stayed at the Gorskiy city hotel in this August. I like the interior, everything is new. The staff is friendly. After home arrival found that I’d forgotten thing in hotel. Gorskiy city hotel found the missing thing and even sent it to me to my city. We express our gratitude to the staff. Tell all our friends about the hotel. Thank you! Success and prosperity!
  • Vakhtang i Novosibirsk, Russian competitions “Success Cup”

    A lot of thanks to all the staff of Gorskiy City Hotel for help in young athletes checking in, came from different parts of our big country on karate competition “Success Cup”. Such staff professionalism and hospitality is the best in this city. Representatives of the teams constantly thanked for the conditions in which they were living. The indoor filling rooms is spotless. The city view from the window in hotel room - the best! The hotel restaurant was at a high ebb (a lot of thanks to Chef). Once again – thank you so much! We will certainly stay only at your hotel.

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